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TW Walsh is a gentleman from Melrose, MA. My Pal God released a record from TW on February 11th, 2002. This record is called "pollensongs." Perhaps you should get up to speed by picking up TW's heartbreaking and fantastic 1999 record "How We Spend Our Days" on Made in Mexico or TW's latest full-length "Blue Laws," released in April 2001 on Truckstop Recordings. If you like sad songs about mental health, thievery, longing, god, death, massachusetts, smuggling, drinking, robbing, love, vanity, poverty, dancing, gambling, insanity and other subjects, have we got an artist for you!

Piero Scaruffi wrote: "Walsh has the talent to become either a pop star or a formidable auteur in the tradition of Neil Young and Tim Buckley. This is what they meant when they invented the expression 'embarrassment of riches.'"

TW has documented this record's progress here.

Currently, TW spends his days as the drummer in Pedro The Lion. Trust T. William Walsh.

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"A Sense of Where We Are" Cd
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"pollensongs" Cd
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